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hawkeye Channel Launches channelPlans Application

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hawkeye Channel, a software and services provider for channel organizations, has added a new solution to its cloud-based channelConduit platform for indirect channel sales management.

The new offering — called channelPlans — is designed to facilitate joint marketing planning between manufactures and their indirect channels. Used in conjunction with other marketing enablement solutions offered by hawkeye Channel, channelPlans helps B2B enterprises improve the ROI of promotional allowance programs, such as MDF and Co-op programs. 

Typically, manufacturers invest 3% to 5% of revenue into fund marketing and advertising budgets for resellers. Although this is a top investment for many organizations, they still don’t have a clear understanding of partner performance, and how these funds may influence channel-wide sales and revenue. The channelPlans solution helps address this issue by aligning promotional allowance investments with specific sales goals. 

The channelPlans solution also can help manufacturers track and identify the sales and marketing strategies of top-performing partners. As a result, organizations can refer to these tactics to better coach and empower partners, leading to improved performance and sales across the entire channel.



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