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SproutLoud Helps Streamline Brand Compliance And Advertising On The Local Level

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The Problem:
Channel marketers struggle with a variety of challenges in working with distributed organizations. It’s not always easy to maintain brand compliance while allowing partners to customize marketing materials with their local business information. This is especially true with web sites. Consumers want to be able to find the nearest location for a product or service. If marketers don’t have a co-branded web site, customers won’t know where to find their brands. Another challenge with distributed marketing is the lack of streamlined processes to offer some marketing services, such as media buying, through the channel.

The Solution: SproutLoud is a hyper-local marketing platform that is designed to help brands across verticals manage their marketing campaigns and programs with local businesses that sell their products or services. Its offerings include the Local Websites service, which is positioned to allow marketers to create brand- and legal-compliant web site templates that partners can localize with their business information, photos, videos and even their own blogs. SproutLoud also offers a Local Media Buying service aimed to facilitate media buys on behalf of the network members.

The Perks: Local web sites created with SproutLoud’s service are responsive designed and viewable on a desktop, smartphone or tablet device. These web sites can be enhanced to include web forms and call tracking capabilities, which can empower partners to track all customer contacts in order to drive offline and online leads. Sites also can be designed to integrate with other SproutLoud digital services, such as Reputation Management and Dynamic Local Display, positioning partners to have a fully integrated digital experience that builds brands and customer relationships at the local level.

Through the Local Media Buying service, SproutLoud’s team of local media buyers can guide partners through the buying process and work with any pre-negotiated rates that network members may have with local media outlets. If the brand already has a local media buying agency under contract, that agency can utilize SproutLoud’s media buying modules to bring scale and efficiencies in localized customization. This will allow the client’s current agency to provide local partners with a single, turnkey and managed process for local media buys. All co-op, MDF or ad funds are managed and deployed through one platform, providing a single source for all reporting on spend and performance back to the brand.





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