Channel Marketer Report


Ingenico Group Debuts Channel Marketing Platform To Drive Partner Growth

Ingenico Group, a payment solution vendor, has launched its new partner marketing platform, Marketing EDGE. Designed to provide access to a suite of marketing tools and collateral, Marketing EDGE helps Ingenico’s partners gain marketplace visibility and drive business growth.

“Ingenico values the success of our partners and understands the importance of providing the tools necessary to connect and engage with their audiences,” said Bradford Giles, SVP of marketing and sales enablement, Ingenico Group. “Through Marketing EDGE, partners gain access to a toolkit of marketing resources to expand their reach and effectively communicate with the merchants they serve, regardless of their marketing expertise, resources or budget.”

Marketing EDGE’s content includes syndicated social media posts, supplemental marketing collateral and ready-to-deploy marketing campaigns. No previous marketing training or expertise is required and resources are easy to use as-is without the need for additional resources, the company said. Partners can also use the platform to track results and manage a full suite of analytics.

“Our goal is to support partners as they grow their business. Marketing EDGE provides world-class marketing assets without the burden or overhead of creating them,” continued Giles. “Ingenico has taken the time to develop thoughtful content that delivers on thought leadership, sales enablement strategies and demand generation assets so partners employing the platform can focus on other aspects of growing their business rather than dedicating time and resources to marketing efforts.”

Developed content is designed to keep contacts engaged and interactive with partner businesses to foster long-term relationship growth and ultimately generate demand. With the added benefit of updated and timely content, partners can rely on Ingenico to help them stay relevant with current market trends. In addition to content deployment, tools can be leveraged for marketing efforts outside of Ingenico initiatives.