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ZINFI Expands PRM Platform With Advanced Partner Onboarding Workflow Automation Capabilities

ZINFI Technologies, a provider of unified channel management, through-channel marketing automation and partner relationship management (PRM) solutions has enhanced its partner onboarding automation capabilities.

The updated partner onboarding management module of ZINFI’s PRM platform allows organizations to automate the entire partner onboarding process, guiding partner users through a series of sequential steps and achievement levels. Specific features now include:

Enhanced program and level segmentation – Administrators and onboarding managers can create robust onboarding programs and tracks with activities tailored to specific partner users based on group criteria. 

Visual program levels cadence –Partners entering an onboarding program or track will see a visual matrix of steps indicating the flow of activities required to complete each level, and can track their progress any point along the way. There is also a visual matrix of the benefits awarded at each level, with a progress chart showing the benefits a user has unlocked and those remaining to be earned.

Flexible program requirements and benefits – Onboarding programs can be set up (via SSO or integration) with custom activities offering  varying levels of engagement and unlocking benefits tied to the level of completion attained.

Flexible on-completion paths –System administrators have more robust tools for reassigning permissions, unlocking benefits and opening up additional functionality or portal content when a user attains a program or level.

New program demotion and re-certification – Organizations have granular control, on an individual user level, to “demote” or “detract” partner companies or reps from program levels or activities—compelling them to repeat or recertify onboarding programs or select portions of these programs, if necessary.