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To Recruit Partners More Effectively, Develop Ideal Reseller Personas First

SaaSMAX, a channel-focused services provider, has been sharing insights into the process of more effectively and efficiently building channel ecosystems by developing robust ideal reseller personas. In a series of webcasts, the company has shared detailed instruction on the criteria to include in a partner persona and recommendations on how to find and contact appropriate […]

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Finding the “Right Partner” Needles in the Channel Haystack: The 14 Rules for Partner Recruitment that Net the Best

Finding channel partners that fit your strategy mold is hard enough. It’s getting even more challenging due to the increasing demand for the diminishing supply of capable channel partners. This research by Nuvello, a global network of industry analysts and consultants, in association with ICLP, a leading end-to-end loyalty agency, examines the practices employed by […]

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