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Content Marketing

At Channel Marketer Report, we specialize in developing custom content to drive demand and nurture prospects. We work closely with our clients on formulating content direction and honing your message to target your key prospects.

All of our custom programs are turn-key and include: Researching, Writing, Production and Promotion. In addition, Lead Generation Campaigns can be added to any content project. At the end of the campaign, you own the collateral to house on your site and drive additional leads.

White Papers

mk_wp_thumbnailRanging in length from 6 to 10 pages, White Papers have evolved as one of the most effective tools for branding and lead generation. They are a great multi-purpose asset that can be written to attract new leads into the funnel or as a way to nurture leads through the funnel process.

Investment starting at $7,500

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mk_ebk_thumbnailMore graphical in nature compared to their White Paper counterparts, E-books are gaining in popularity and can help companies dramatically improve the results of digital content programs. Portrayed in landscape fashion and ranging in length from 12 to 16 pages, E-Books lend themselves to easy readability on iPads and other digital readers. E-Books are considered to be a more foundational piece to a content marketing program and are highly effective in driving new leads into the funnel.

Investment starting at $10,500

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Executive Briefs

mk_brief_thumbnailThese assets are typically shorter pieces of content (2 to 4 pages) focused on one idea or theme. They are often used later in the sales cycle as a nurturing tool to help provide additional information on a company’s offering or solution.

Investment starting at $5,000

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Case Studies

mk_cs_thumbnailCase studies are one of the most effective ways to nurture a lead through the funnel. Decision makers rely heavily on what their peers are doing to be successful in business — and providing easy access to those stories goes a long way to pushing that purchase decision in your favor. When creating case studies for a client, Channel Marketer Report will work with you and your customers to capture and present the story and the results in a format that is sure to drive business through your funnel.

Investment starting at $5,000