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ChannelChat: Are You in The Dark About Shadow Partners?

Episode 13: Jay McBain, Forrester Jay McBain, principal analyst, global channels at Forrester, has long been heralding the emergence of new categories of solutions providers he calls shadow partners. During this ChannelChat, McBain describes who these shadows partners are, why they’ll play an important role in helping vendors grow their business, and how soon brands […]

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ChannelChat: Are You Ready to Face the Five Major Forces Changing the Channel?

Episode 12: Theresa Caragol, Achieve Unite In a recent article, Theresa Caragol, founder and CEO of Achieve Unite, wrote: “To survive the rapidly changing pace of business technology consumers, technology providers must understand and operate in concert with five major forces.” In this episode of ChannelChat, Caragol describes the five forces she’s identified, the impact […]

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ChannelChat: Why Partners Are Opting for a ‘My Brand First’ Marketing Strategy

Episode 11: Jeff Mesnik, ContentMX In a recent State of The Channel report, CompTIA noted that channel partners – especially managed service providers – are beginning to put more emphasis on marketing their own brands and identity. One reason, said CompTIA, is that vendor brands of cloud-hosted solutions are becoming less visible. In this episode […]

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ChannelChat: Addressing The Evolving Partner Ecosystem

Episode 10: Maria Chien, SiriusDecisions Digital transformation, cloud adoption, and the shift to recurring revenue models are compelling more companies to examine how they should adjust their channel programs. Maria Chien, service director, channel marketing strategies, at SiriusDecisions, sat down with CMR editorial director Andrew Gaffney at the SiriusDecisions Summit to review why companies need […]

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Episode 9: Jeremy Littlejohn, Chief Analyst and Co-Founder, More vendors and resellers are recognizing the fact that to truly succeed in a competitive marketplace, they must understand buyer pain points, and in turn, deliver optimal solutions that deliver upon specific wants and needs. is a new tool designed to help organizations do just […]

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Avangate CEO Shares Benefits, Insights Into The Cloud

 Episode 8: Carl Theobald, CEO, Avangate More vendors and manufacturers are considering how the cloud will impact their organizations, and more importantly, their channels. During this episode of ChannelChat, Carl Theobald, CEO of Avangate shares how the cloud is offering organizations a vast variety of benefits. In addition, Theobald discusses how his company helps both […]

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Visage Exec Shares Mobile Potential For The Channel

 Episode 7: Neil Cohen, VP of Marketing, Visage More organizations are embracing mobility by implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business models. As a result, companies that offer mobile security and management solutions are at a great advantage. During this episode of ChannelChat, Neil Cohen, VP of Marketing for Visage, reveals how the company is […]

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Weighing The Benefits Of Marketing Automation

 Episode 6: Weighing The Benefits Of Marketing Automation Marketing automation is coming to the forefront to improve efficiencies among B2B organizations, as well as vendors and their partner networks. While there are multiple benefits to these platforms, including better sales and marketing alignment, companies must take certain steps to optimize adoption, and ensure they’re taking […]

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Tackling The New Buyer Paradigm

 Episode 6: Tackling The New Buyer Paradigm Today’s buyers are taking a more strategic approach to researching and considering potential solutions and technologies. As a result, it is imperative that vendors and their partners to understand these new buying strategies, and implement new marketing tools and tactics to stand out in a crowded marketplace. During this […]

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NCR Digital Strategist Sundeep Kapur Dishes On Social Media

Episode 5: NCR Digital Strategist Sundeep Kapur Dishes On Social Media Channel marketers are beginning to realize the benefits of tapping social media to extend content life and develop long-lasting relationships with partners and prospects. However, key areas of a social strategy, such as messaging tactics and developing strong presence are still ruthless pain points. During […]

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