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Analyzing The Vendor/Retailer Relationship

By Guy Swarbrick, Senior Consultant, EMEA, Channel Enablers On the surface, it’s a difficult time for any vendor that sells to consumers through traditional retail channels. Household name retailers are disappearing on a regular basis: in the UK, Comet and Jessops have gone in the last six months, with HMV teetering on the brink; Virgin’s […]

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Channel Thought Leaders Share Predictions For 2013

The channel universe is evolving at a rapid pace. In an effort to hone in on key trends and expectations for 2013, we decided to ask some key executives from leading agencies, consultancies, and even solution provider companies to share their insights on channel sales and marketing trends. Each executive has a breadth of experience working […]

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Partner Enablement Comes Into Focus

An underlying predicament for the majority of vendors and manufacturers today is the 80/20 rule: 20% of a typical partner base generates 80% of total indirect channel revenue. Furthermore, findings from Channel Enablers have reaffirmed that while approximately half of partners produce about 20% of revenue, the rest of an average organization’s partner base doesn’t […]

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