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What’s Working In Partner Relationship Management? How Channel Teams & Partner-Friendly Management Solutions Optimize Program Engagement

Effective partner relationship management (PRM) — always a challenge for even the most skilled channel leaders — is becoming increasingly critical to the success of well-established firms and start-up companies especially. Seismic shifts in the typical B2B buyer’s journey are demanding deeper and more timely data-informed evaluations of every vendor’s partner ecosystem.

Crafting and implementing nimble and effective channel engagement programs is more critical than even before, especially as partners gravitate toward more personalized experiences and offers that help them win business. PRM that’s supported by a robust, purpose-built digital platform is the cornerstone of programs that achieve C-suite-satisfying ROI.

If channel leaders think that pushing a button on their new or upgraded PRM platform will boost partner engagement and drive more sales, they might be in for a surprise. PRM platforms aren’t “set’ em and forget ‘em tools,” channel experts stressed. Throughout this report, we’ll discuss how optimizing the ROI on PRM requires:

  • A thoughtful investigation and determination of vendors’ needs, as well as those of their partners;
  • Right-size investments in technology, staff and other resources; and
  • A well-coordinated launch and onboarding campaign to ensure platform adoption by internal team members and partner staff.