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Channel Monitor Helps OEMs Gain Access To Item Information, Pricing & Sales

The Problem: In the complex channel environment, it is difficult for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to efficiently track sales and progress across partners and end-users. Specifically within the retail sector, it is vital that OEMs have access to item prices, sales and overall demand to ensure that channel partners are replenished and prepared for high-traffic periods. To that end, 45% of Chief Supply Chain Officers indicated that their supply chain was disrupted by a sudden increase in customer demand, according to Aberdeen Group research. It is vital that OEMs accurately analyze and report channel progress to ensure optimal sales rates.

The Solution: To address the need for seamless insight into channel sales and pricing methods, Dynamite Data released its Channel Monitor solution. The web-based, SaaS dashboard allows OEMs to obtain real-time information on more than 11 million item pages at approximately 739 e-Commerce sites, retail locations and manufacturers’ sites worldwide.

Designed as a comprehensive, consolidated grid, Channel Monitor is designed to allow access to hundreds of merchant product links within a single page. With a color-coded design, OEMs can determine price gaps, see when items are out of stock and which partners implement offers such as rebates and free-shipping promotions. Furthermore, OEMs can view product descriptions to ensure content consistency.

Other Channel Monitor features include:

  • Email Alerts: OEMs are alerted whenever a merchant changes item price, or if a specific product goes out of stock.
  • On-Demand Market Reports & Analytics: This section is designed to provide metrics on product placements, overall market impact, inventory levels, channel promotions and comparative pricing across the market. In turn, OEMs can determine their stance in the marketplace versus their competitors.
  • Access & Control Over Content: Product descriptions, images, and ratings and reviews allow consumers to ensure they’re making the right purchases. If merchants don’t share consistent content that was distributed by the OEM, channel profitability is highly disrupted. With access to all marketing content, OEMs can contact partners if branding and item information is inaccurate or not up to par.

The Perks: Channel Monitor tracks all product listings within an OEM’s channel, as well as pricing, promotions, stock levels, end-of-life information, and competitive price deltas. These features enable unprecedented real-time monitoring, analysis and control of the e-Commerce channel. The solution is designed to run via web browser, requiring no installation and easy access to information.



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