Special Features

Brainshark Channel Edition Aims To Speed Onboarding, Training, And Marketing Development For Improved Sales Results

The Problem: According to research from Aberdeen Group, 37% of enterprises indicated that they need to improve corporate communications and time-to-information. This presents a prime opportunity for OEMs to implement a video-based solution to improve corporate communication, as well as sales and marketing initiatives via video content. In the report, titled “Video Portals for Employee Engagement,” Aberdeen research reveals that Best-in-Class companies utilize a variety of video tools, including live streaming (52%), sharing capabilities (52%), and integrating social networking features (43%).

Brainshark Channel Edition is a cloud-based software solution, designed to enable OEMs to easily create, share and track video presentations that can be distributed to partner networks.

The Solution: Accessed through an intuitive, central portal, partners can easily locate and tap into content. The solution also can be integrated with any pre-existing partner portals, and is helpful in every level of the channel, from onboarding, to training, sales enablement and marketing.

The new Brainshark Channel Edition is designed to allow companies to roll out partner-wide video content, providing sales and marketing expertise, company updates, and announcements. In turn, partners can keep track of channel developments, and easily and seamlessly share information with customers. The solution also arms OEMs with the tools to develop programs more quickly with interactive, multimedia training programs, polls, surveys and questions, to ensure partners are up to par. Participation is validated via completion criteria and reporting.

Through the use of video content, sales teams can ensure their providing prospects with the optimal messaging and calls-to-action. Sales forces can share and view content via computers, smartphones and tablets, which enables sales any time and anywhere.

Marketers also can increase partnerships and overall lead generation by co-branding content. Integrating customized opening and closing slides into presentations that are recorded with their own voice makes the marketing experience more personalized. Partners also can share video content on web sites, blogs, email campaigns and social networking sites.

The Perks: Partners and their customers can tap into the platform via web, as well as smartphones and tablets, without additional infrastructure.

Brainshark supports Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, and HP webOS. Brainshark also provides an App for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, in an effort to create an enhanced mobile experience, complete with a table of contents, downloadable attachment, and seamless sharing and forwarding capabilities.