MyITAssessment.com Exec Spotlights Need To Connect End-User Pain Points To More Relevant Solutions

Episode 9: Jeremy Littlejohn, Chief Analyst and Co-Founder, MyITAssessment.com

More vendors and resellers are recognizing the fact that to truly succeed in a competitive marketplace, they must understand buyer pain points, and in turn, deliver optimal solutions that deliver upon specific wants and needs. MyITAssessment.com is a new tool designed to help organizations do just that. In this episode of Channel Chat, Jeremy Littlejohn, Chief Analyst and Co-Founder, MyITAssessment.com, shares current pain points and obstacles technology vendors and manufacturers face while striving to create optimal partnerships with distributors, resellers and ISVs, as well as end-users. Littlejohn also uncovers how organizations can address these pain points, leading to improved sales results and overall customer loyalty across the channel.

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