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Distributed Marketing Automation Helps Power Up Localization Efforts

cmr_guide_localization_capWhether you’re a vendor or partner you know that “thinking globally and acting locally” is key to channel success. But sometimes, there is a severe disconnect between the content and resources vendors provide, and how partners leverage these assets in their multi-touch marketing campaigns.

And to make the marketing universe even more complicated, the rise of digital tactics, such as SEO and social media, partners are struggling to keep pace and connect with prospects through a hearty mix of communication touch points.

At Channel Marketer Report, reporting on these trends and challenges is part of our everyday lives. We focus on not only zeroing in on channel-wide pain points, but also providing insights on new tools, solutions and service providers that help tackle these obstacles head-on!

Hence the inspiration behind our latest report: The Guide To Distributed Marketing Automation. For some, these solutions are called “Local Marketing Automation,” but the goal remains the same: To help vendors ensure their partners are equipped to take branded assets, integrate their unique value proposition, and share them with specific audiences through engaging, multichannel marketing campaigns.

However, it’s important to note that all the companies featured in this report also have their unique value propositions, which can include added services, digital marketing solutions, and training programs, among others.

We hope this guide provides you with a great starting point in understanding the current distributed marketing automation landscape. In addition, we hope this guide is a valuable resource as you research and consider your future investments and solutions.

And now, without further introduction, we’re pleased to bring you Channel Marketer Report’s Guide To Distributed Marketing Automation! Complete the form below to download: