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WorkStride Incentives Offers SaaS Solution For Channel Sales Performance and Efficiency

ws-incentives-homescreenThe Problem: Most channel marketers have some form of incentive program in place for their channel sales reps. However, the traditional approach—that is, one without a central software platform—requires ample time, the juggling of spreadsheets and a threat of fraud or mistakes due to simple “human error.”

Marketing and sales professionals who manage indirect sales channels understand the challenges associated with making their brand “top-of-mind” among the channel sales reps—especially if they’re looking to increase sell-through sales. In truth, they have minimal visibility into the day-to-day activities of the reps and the other vendors with whom they work, as well as limited means of interacting with them.

The Solution: WorkStride Incentives is a customizable SaaS solution that can help users motivate and manage their indirect sales channel’s performance with contest creation, sales entry, configurable reporting and rewards fulfillment.

The solution positions users to:

  • Configure and customize the platform for their needs. The platform can also be branded for the company, and registration requirements can be custom-built to ensure user data integrity.
  • Run multiple promotions at once, at any given time, to any segment of the user base, including traditional SPIFF campaigns, lotteries, tiered rewards contests, or work with WorkStride to develop custom promotions.
  • Integrate with existing systems, including payroll, HRIS, POS, LMS, PRM and CRM systems, allowing data to stream to and from WorkStride Incentives.
  • Reduce and prevent fraud. WorkStride Incentives provides several methods to protect against malicious activity and to validate sales data, saving users money and improving the integrity of the program.
  • Track progress with reporting and analytics. WorkStride Incentives includes a number of reports out of the box, or the company can tailor reports to specific programs, regions, stores, users, or any specialized criteria of the user’s choosing.

The Perks: Unlike other sales incentives platform providers, WorkStride Incentives allows users to save money on rewards processing by avoiding marked-up points and merchandise. WorkStride has built a robust rewards mall that gives participants a true retail shopping experience with a wide range of options, from retailers to restaurants, services, company store items, cash and experiences.

Sales reps are kept engaged with promotions tailored to them based on their individual goals, store or regional targets, or national initiatives. Leaderboards and social streams keep the channel interactive, allowing for friendly competition amongst the reps. WorkStride Incentives has been proven to effectively build mindshare among channel sales reps, increase sales and lift, and reduce instances of fraud.