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Why Data Integration Is The Secret To Business Success

By Lance Speck, VP and General Manager, Integration Products, Pervasive Software  What is your data integration strategy? If you’re at a loss for words, don’t worry. Many organizations don’t even realize how data integration can help them. If you do have an integration strategy, you need to consider how data trends are evolving and how […]

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Channel Marketer Report Reveals Top 12 Articles Of 2012

With its first official year coming to a close, Channel Marketer Report (CMR) has covered a variety of topics that impact vendors/OEMs, VARs, distributors, ISVs and system integrators every day. Honing in on sales and marketing best practices, the top 12 articles of 2012 discuss everything from MDF and incentives, to social media, PRM and […]

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Study Finds That Marketing Email Accounts For 70% Of Spam Complaints

The growing availability of spam-reporting tools is having a major – and negative – impact on marketing email effectiveness, according to a recent study conducted by ReturnPath. The company’s Email Intelligence Report found that marketers account for 70% of all “this is spam” complaints and 60% of all spam-trap hits. Over the past year, according to ReturnPath, marketers’ […]

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