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Channel Marketer Report Reveals Top 12 Articles Of 2012

With its first official year coming to a close, Channel Marketer Report (CMR) has covered a variety of topics that impact vendors/OEMs, VARs, distributors, ISVs and system integrators every day. Honing in on sales and marketing best practices, the top 12 articles of 2012 discuss everything from MDF and incentives, to social media, PRM and sales and marketing alignment.

 CMR will provide updates on many of these topics in 2013, as well as new, unique perspectives on emerging trends such as mobility and gamification in the channel.
The top 12 articles of 2012 are:

1. Rethinking MDF: New Research Shows Channel Marketers Placing Increased Focus On Long-Term Impact Of IncentivesNew research and insights from top analysts are indicating an extreme shift to more long-term strategies that drive consistent revenue and loyalty for both partners and vendors. This feature shares how organizations can change the way they think about channel partner incentives. 

2. Top 10 Channel Consultancies Revealed: Leading Sidekicks For Powering-Up Partner Marketing: This comprehensive guide scratches the surface on the variety of consultancies and agencies available to serve channel organizations today.

3. SAP Executive Reveals Shift To Customer-Centric Marketing: During the 2012 SiriusDecisions Summit, Jonathan Becher, CMO of SAP, revealed the company’s continued transition to more customer-focused marketing tools and tactics.

4. The Convergence Of CRM, PRM And Marketing Automation Presents New Opportunity For Channel Sales And Marketing Alignment: With this in-depth feature, organizations can receive in-depth insights regarding the roles of CRM, PRM and marketing automation, and how alignment and integration are key to success.

5. Sales And Marketing Alignment Proving To Be A Tall Challenge For Channel Organizations And Partners: How can organizations achieve sales and marketing alignment? Industry thought leaders share how even the most complex of channel networks can achieve this.

6. D-Link To Expand Its Channel With SaaSMAX: D-Link, a provider of cloud and networking infrastructure, joined the SaaSMAX network to offer its Fuzion and CloudCommand Managed Wireless Access Points solutions.

7. Developing An Optimal Brand Strategy Across The Channel: When it comes to marketing and sales initiatives, who owns the brand: the vendor/OEM or the partner? This special report uncovers branding imperatives and best practices to help organizations ensure successful partnerships and joint marketing campaigns.

8. 5 Steps To Dynamic And Executable Partner Plans: Engaging with a partner in a joint business development initiative can be a minefield of shattered expectations for both vendor and partner if not executed correctly. Mike Ruff of CTX Resources shares some best practices to prevent partner implosion.

9. Incentives In An Evolving Landscape: The recession caused a shift in how channel organizations are doing business. Tracy Delphia, Senior Marketing Analyst and Vaughn Aust, VP, Client Solutions at hawkeye, reveal the continual role of incentives, and how organizations can adapt their incentive programs in light of new business trends.

10. Toshiba’s Acquisition Of IBM’s Retail Store Solutions Business Could Shakeup POS Partner Picture: This announcement took the retail technology world by storm.

11. Social Media Playing A Starring Role In Partner Marketing: More organizations are turning to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to establish relationships with prospects, and keep in touch with current customers. This special feature uncovers how organizations can harness social media to drive channel results.

12. Content Becoming A Matchmaker For Channel Marketers To Support Partner Programs: Content quickly is becoming a critical part of the equation for all B2B marketers, especially in the channel, where partners are looking for tools to drive leads and engagement at a local level. Learn how you can map content to the buyer’s journey to create more relevant and compelling nurturing campaigns.




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Alicia Fiorletta is Senior Editor for Channel Marketer Report. Working closely with industry analysts and experts, Alicia reports on the latest news, technologies, case studies and trends coming to forefront in the channel marketing world. With a focus on emerging marketing strategies, including social, mobile and content for demand, Alicia hones in on new ways for organizations to market to and through their partner networks. Through her work with G3 Communications, Alicia also acts as Associate Editor for Retail TouchPoints, a digital publishing network focused on the customer-facing area of the retail industry.

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