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Progress Software Introduces New Partner Empowerment Tools

Progress Software has been committed to delivering market-leading technology innovations that empower their partners and customers to dramatically improve the development, deployment, integration and management of their business applications. With more than 2,000 partners, Progress Software’s Partner+ Program is dedicated to helping its partners turn ideas into business realities through thought leadership and technical empowerment […]

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Kaspersky Lab North America Unveils New Service Program At #KLPC2014

Kaspersky Lab North America has launched a new service program designed to help partners increase and improve communication touch points with customers.  The Certified Service Provider (CSP) Program and Premium Support offerings will enable partners to drive revenue while ensuring optimal solutions are delivered to customers by Kaspersky Lab. Partners participating in the program will be able […]

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LiveHive Helps Boost Partner Enablement, Channel-Wide Communication

The Problem: Channel sales leaders and their partners rely on consistent communication to ensure sales and marketing success. However, the more a company grows, the harder it is to manually keep track of channel partners and provide them with relevant content. This leads to missing sales information and dissatisfied partners, resulting in poor sales results […]

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Channel Marketing Changing Direction

By Lawrence M. Walsh Here are some channel truisms about marketing: Solution providers are terrible marketers. They don’t invest in marketing. They don’t frame their value propositions beyond their technical skill sets. And they have unrealistic expectations for the returns on their marketing investments. Vendors, on the other hand, are myopic marketers. They’re most concerned […]

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