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LiveHive Helps Boost Partner Enablement, Channel-Wide Communication

The Problem:
Channel sales leaders and their partners rely on consistent communication to ensure sales and marketing success. However, the more a company grows, the harder it is to manually keep track of channel partners and provide them with relevant content. This leads to missing sales information and dissatisfied partners, resulting in poor sales results across the channel.

The Solution: The LiveHive partner enablement platform helps sales leaders and their channel partners keep each other in the loop regarding sale activities and product information, and conduct informative discussions within a single interface.

Built in discussion streams and activity updates keeps the communication flowing with partners, while interactive libraries provide partners with access to the latest business and product materials to help increase sales enablement. Activity-based analytics also are available to provide vendors with a 360-view of their partner’s sales process, which helps them determine whether specific tools and marketing tactics are successful.

Offering a variety of features and capabilities for sales leaders, marketers and channel professionals, LiveHive empowers vendors to answer key business questions, such as: Which channel partners are producing sales for my business? How can we apply this success to other partners? What marketing and sales resources do partners need to succeed?

LiveHive’s geo access map indicates who viewed from what location, how and when. The LiveHive Insights map shows vendors where reps/partners are selling, which prospects are engaged and where they’re coming from (email or social network). This insight also benefits reseller partners by showing them their span of sales reach and prospect engagement success

The platform is available on from any type of device, so partners and vendors can access information on desktops, tablets and even smartphones.

The Perks: With LiveHive, vendors have access to the following:

  • Alerts regarding sales blocking issues, allowing for quick assessment and quick responses;
  • Insight into who is actively engaged and who is not, letting users see what is working and what is not; and
  • The ability to collect data on what partners are spending time on and who they are sharing that information with.



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