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Partner Loyalty Isn’t the Same Thing as Your Rewards Program!

By Tracy Delphia, Market Analyst for B2B and Channel, ICLP “I want to start a partner loyalty program.” We get calls with some version of that query regularly at ICLP.  What the caller invariably is asking about is some kind of incentive program for their partners. “Loyalty” and “incentives” have become conflated in the minds of many […]

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Generating Channel Leads Through Content

By Patricia Hume, President, Trapit Over a long career, most of my time has been spent managing channel operations for some of the best — IBM, SAP, and Avaya among them — drawn by the challenge of helping the business grow through the reach of “alternatives” to direct sales; distributors, resellers, service providers and others. […]

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ICCS Offers New Channel Partner Retirement Program

ICCS, a telecommunications consulting company, has unveiled a new Retirement Program for agent channel programs. The new initiative will offer agents a lump cash buyout option on the value of their commissions, according to a company press release. Designed to provide similar benefits as Social Security, a 401K, IRAs or other savings accounts, the retirement […]

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