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Are Your Solution Providers Engaging? Channel Marketing In An Online World.

CMC ebook cover thumbnail v2 smallChannel Marketing, Co-Marketing, Field Marketing: whatever you call them, they always tend to be a challenge. How can you better help your Partners and truly see the value? Why don’t they use what you give them? How do we measure ROI from MDF? And yet we go on, producing the same resources without moving the needle.

Read this complimentary eBook provided to show you how to better engage your channel and enable solution providers to be the sales and marketing engines you want them to be.  In this eBook, you’ll learn how to drive more revenue through your channel by helping partners to:

  • Optimize their website
  • Drive business through social media
  • Get found using search engine optimization (SEO)

You’ll also hear how you can support them in reaching their goals.  No more spending MDF on banner ads or direct mail campaigns!  When is the last time you answered a direct mail campaign or clicked on a banner ad anyhow?

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