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Marketing Metrics Workshop Series

The transparency of online marketing has made measurement a priority, but most organizations are still struggling with what to measure and what kind of benchmarks they should expect from various initiatives and investments.

From visits to leads, this series will provide the basics on the terms, metrics and tactics marketers need as they improve the visibility and impact of their campaigns. Featuring some of the experts in marketing measurement and lead management, the series will cover the different channels and touch points available to marketers today.

BONUS: By signing up for the series, you will receive a free copy of HubSpot’s original compilations 100 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs.

Full Workshop Schedule

The 5 Metrics That Matter to Your CEO
When: On-Demand
Presenter: April Brown, Left Brain DGA
Duration: 30min

How Many Leads Do You Need? Steps for Benchmarking Leads and Increasing Volume of Qualified Leads

When: On-Demand
Presenter: Carlos Hidalgo, The Annuitas Group
Duration: 30min

Strategies To Position Your Website As A Revenue Generator
When: August 25th at 1pm ET
Presenter: Jeanne Hopkins, HubSpot
Duration: 30min

Developing Content To Match Buyer Needs
When: September 9th at 1pm ET
Presenter: Jeff Walcoff, Demand Creation Specialists
Duration: 30min

How to Increase the Value of Your Database
When: September 15th at 1pm ET
Presenter: Eric Newell, Oceanos
Duration: 30min

The Follow-Up Formula: Secrets for Nurturing Prospects
When: September 29th at 1pm ET
Presenter: Mari Anne Vanella, The Vanella Group, Inc
Duration: 30min

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