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AMP By MindMatrix Offers Marketing Automation To Channel Players

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The Problem:
Vendors, brands and manufacturers are looking to marketing automation tools to help streamline marketing and sales processes, and in turn, get a more cohesive view of channel-wide performance. However, to ensure adoption as well as consistent usage of these tools, organizations must provide a robust set of tools and solutions to help power up partner marketing and sales results.

The Solution: AMP is marketing automation software designed specifically to address the needs of channel partners and independent representatives. Available through MindMatrix, the solution helps vendors, manufacturers and brands measure independent rep and partner marketing efforts, as well as access detailed reports for contacts, campaigns and daily activity. Increased visibility available through AMP can help organizations better track and manage leads, deliver them to partners and link that pass-off to actual revenue.

While vendors, manufacturers and brands benefit from AMP, partners and independent sales reps also have access to a variety of tools. For instance, all users have access to leads via iPhone and Android applications. As a result, users can access live-feeds on prospect behavior, as well as monitor interest in real time, allowing more timely and personalized follow-up processes across channels. A lead tracking and scoring mechanism also is integrated into the platform. 

The Perks: To help partners and sales reps create relevant campaigns on a hyper-local level, AMP includes a variety of tools that can create personalized sales collateral using pre-defined collateral. For example, team members can personalize and execute HTML emails, web sites, PDF flyers, brochures, E-books and microsites. Tools provided also help support cross-channel marketing initiatives, such as social media, videos and blogging. 



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