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Salesvue Aims To Simplify Sales Prospecting With New Partner Program

Salesvue, a sales prospecting automation solution provider, has introduced the new Prospect-to-Pipeline Partners Program. Sales training and consulting organizations that join the program will have access to solutions and technology that will help end-users mitigate the burden sales prospecting can put on employees.

All Salesvue partners will receive a software solution that will help them establish a plan to inform sales reps when to follow-up with each lead based on previous conversations between the company and the lead. The solution will help end-users, overall, see better results which highlight pain points that can be worked on.

“Sales departments have always had the people to prospect, but they have lacked the technology that enables an efficient, uniform process,” said Bill Johnson, President of Salesvue, in a statement. “Because sales training organizations are critical to the cause, we are eager to provide them with a means to manage and reflect on the success of their implemented strategies.”



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