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MarketLive Launches New Partner Program

MarketLive, a provider of comprehensive e-Commerce solutions for retailers, has launched the MarketLive Connect program, a partner network of technology providers that extend the capabilities of the core MarketLive platform. Examples of technology extensions include retargeting solutions, social commerce integrations and payment solutions.

MarketLive Connect was designed to take a multi-dimensional approach to partnerships. Eligible partners include companies that have solutions capable of deeply integrating with the MarketLive platform. In these situations, MarketLive owns the integration and the overall implementation of combined solution.  As a result, end-users have one point of contact, and one project to manage.  

The second tier of partners includes commerce solution providers that can rapidly integrate with MarketLive through the platform’s Real-Time Integration Services. These partners can then extend the MarketLive Total Commerce platform with specific commerce capabilities they may need. 

With this variety of partners, merchants can choose the solution that best suits their situation and unique needs, while collaborating with MarketLive as their sole provider.

“The goal of MarketLive Connect is to quickly fill in particular needs or point solutions that our customers want, which is part of our commitment to customer-driven commerce,” said Ken Burke, Founder and CEO of MarketLive, Inc. “With the release of MarketLive Real-Time Integration Services in January, we have expanded our ability to efficiently integrate with a wide range of point solutions, whether or not they are pre-integrated with our platform. In addition, the deep integration we complete with our strategic partners allows our customers to rest easy, knowing they are getting a MarketLive experience and a technology that is pre-integrated and works. In both scenarios, we carefully screen partners to ensure that their technology is well suited to ours, and that their industry focus and philosophy of quality and service match ours as well.”





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