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TreeHouse Interactive Adds New Features To Reseller View Solution

TreeHouse Interactive, a cloud-based partner relationship management (PRM) and marketing automation platform provider, has unveiled new features for its Reseller View PRM solution.

The new features give users the ability to regulate which partners can access, edit, approve, change or integrate with data stored in the solution. This gives users greater control over creating new roles, providing partners with different levels of data access and features to suit different partner positions and needs.

Other new capabilities include:

  • Create report-only user access to the Reseller View PRM platform;
  • Provide read-only, create, update and delete permissions by menu; and
  • Assign API or web service user permissions for custom integrations.

“Having greater administrative permission and user role flexibility is something our enterprise customers require. It expands the ways in which they can use Reseller View while addressing data security concerns,” said Erich Flynn, CEO of TreeHouse Interactive. “For example, with a Reporting Only role, the system can be accessed by a greater number of people within an organization without exposing critical data unnecessarily. Having API roles and permissions for programs that need to integrate with Reseller View, while providing unique permissions for approvers of partner applications, are two valuable additions this upgrade provides our users.”



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