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360pi Launches New Partner Program With Tech Leaders

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Pricing and product intelligence company 360pi has launched a new partner program designed to help existing partners — including Crossmark, IBM, Predictix and Rise Interactive — leverage the company’s pricing intelligence offering within their existing solutions.

Program participants will have access to a detailed framework, empowering them to help retail customers create winning pricing strategies, reduce markdowns and increase margins. Competitive pricing intelligence, a technical team and a wealth of data also are readily available so partners can sell more complete and comprehensive solutions to retailers.

Competitive information provided by 360pi can be integrated with price optimization, POS, electronic shelf labeling, digital ad optimization, store management, price strategy and other business processes.

“We are very excited to build upon the success of our IBM relationship with the official launch of the 360pi Partner Program,” said Alexander Rink, CEO of 360pi. “Pricing intelligence has emerged as a cornerstone of smart retailers’ pricing strategies, and the effectiveness of retailers’ pricing decisions is directly related to the quality of the pricing intelligence. By building an ecosystem of retail technology leaders, we are delivering retailers the tools and knowledge that they need to succeed.”



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