ChannelChat: Justin Scopaz, Ingram Micro

As a distributor, Ingram Micro’s main obligation and goal is to connect its reseller partners with the optimal hardware and technology providers for their solutions. At RetailNOW, the company had the unique opportunity to access both sides of the channel, network and learn more about trends that are shaking the industry. During this episode of ChannelChat, Justin Scopaz, Vice President and General Manager of Ingram Micro discusses his company’s growing presence in the mobile space. Scopaz also shares why he thinks mobile won’t be a disruptor, but a complement to the retail technology and hardware space.

RetailNOW is the premier event for vendors and manufacturers to connect with partners, as well as prospective resellers. Moreover, the conference offers in-depth insights on the latest technological trends in retail, restaurant and hospitality markets, allowing organizations to make better decisions on product offerings and features.

Episode Notes:



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