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Clickability Helps Marketers Manage Content And Track Engagement  

The Problem:
More buyers are researching and comparing solutions online, so it is imperative that vendors and their partners create compelling web sites filled with relevant content. However, many businesses, especially smaller resellers, don’t have the financial backing or bandwidth to create these exemplary experiences and understand which visitors are engaging with their content.

The Solution: Clickability, a product from Upland Software, is a SaaS web content management platform designed to allow users to publish engaging content that drives revenue and boosts brand presence. The solution is positioned to help non-technical users create engaging content, while liberating the IT department from the operational challenges of managing and delivering it.

Users can create, manage and publish content designed for a variety of devices, including desktops/laptops, smartphones and tablets. Users can track visitor engagement to measure how prospective buyers interact with their content. Web sites managed by Clickability come with various content formats, including:

  • Event guides and calendars;
  • Surveys;
  • Polls;
  • Blogs; and
  • Photo galleries.

The Perks: Clickability is a web-based SaaS platform, compatible with any web browser.Clickability also comes with Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA), intended to help users manage, examine and engage with website visitors in a highly personalized manner. Using targeted content and progressive profiling, WMA helps to move site visitors from anonymous website visitors to “qualified leads.”The solution also supports a fully integrated Ad Server, positioned for customers to schedule and launch a variety of ad formats from within Clickability. Additionally, Clickability provides integration with most third-party ad servers for companies using those services.



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