Performance Horizon Launches New Interactive Tool For Advertisers

ExactView-imagePerformance Horizon, a digital partner marketing platform provider, launched the Performance Horizon Revenue Forecaster, an interactive tool designed to help advertisers migrate their digital partner marketing in-house.

The tool positions users to forecast potential revenue and efficiency gains through the company’s partner marketing solution, ExactView. Users can then benchmark past digital advertising initiatives with current campaigns — designed to offer deeper insight into what works and doesn’t in advertising programs.

The Revenue Forecaster will offer input such as current revenues of performance-based marketing efforts, percent of revenues through partner channel and monthly conversions.

“In the broader digital marketing space, performance-based models are evolving faster than ever, and advertisers need a deeper understanding of the path to conversion and the role their marketing partnerships can play in driving substantial revenue, especially with their most profitable products or services,” said Erik Mikisch, VP, Marketing of Performance Horizon.