Seventh Sense Helps Analyze Email Engagement

Seventh-Sense-placeitThe Problem: Email is still an important channel for marketers to engage with prospects. However, vendors and partners struggle to fully gauge whether their emails are resonating. This can be caused by the inability to track prospect engagement via email throughout their purchase decision.

The Solution: Seventh Sense is a marketing and sales software platform designed to help users understand their customers’ email behaviors in an effort to increase engagement and conversion rates. The platform aims to recognize who is engaging with particular pieces of content and their frequency across marketing campaigns and email channels.

With Seventh Sense, users are positioned to:

  • Increase open, click, conversion and response rates through personalizing the delivery time of your sales and marketing emails;
  • Improve deliverability with marketing campaigns;
  • Reduce unsubscribe rates in marketing campaigns; and
  • Streamline collaboration between marketing and sales.

Seventh Sense currently integrates with HubSpot’s marketing automation platform and CRM, as well as with Salesforce. Data sources include HubSpot, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.

The Perks: The platform is also able Identify prospects’ email service provider to enhanced marketing through Google’s Customer Match. This positions users to create quality messaging in a way that will resonate with their prospects without being limited by unfamiliar formatting.