Blackhawk Engagement Solutions’ Platform Aims To Reduce Program Complexity


catalystThe Problem: Because channel marketers work with multiple partners concurrently, resellers can often feel inundated with information. On the opposite side of the partnership, most channel managers are struggling with how to obtain mindshare from their indirect sales network of resellers, distributors and channel partners.

The Solution: Blackhawk Engagement Solutions offers a SaaS-based Channel Engagement Platform designed to provide targeted incentive offerings across the partner lifecycle to reduce program complexity and increase and drive engagement.

Features for the platform include:

  • Personalization capabilities that can tailor offerings based on region, programs and channel segments;
  • Responsive design to allow the platform to scale to the needs of the user—whether on a laptop, smartphone or tablet device; and
  • Technology positioned to scale to meet the users growing needs.

The Perks: The Channel Engagement Platform is designed to support simple to complex incentive programs that can drive the right behaviors among partners, increasing the potential to boost sales and engagement.

Blackhawk Engagement Solutions also positions users to join the Blackhawk Network, a source for payments, cards and merchandise that prevents users from having to find their own sources for incentives.

The company states that clients have benefited through increased growth in partner sales and engagement, training and accreditation participation and deal registration, and decreased payment errors and reduction time from sale to payment.