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Mindmatrix Simplifies User Experience with Interactive ‘Assist Me’ Module

Mindmatrix has added an interactive, walk-through help module to its PRM, channel, and sales enablement platform. The company is also enabling users to customize the platform’s interface by moving its navigation panel from the left sidebar to the top.

The modifications are designed to boost platform adoption rates among sales teams and channel partners, lower learning curves, and eliminate the need to have dedicated training sessions for new users.

The interactive help module — Assist Me — is a context-intelligent, complete walk-through innovation that guides users through every task that they need to perform on the Mindmatrix platform. Self-help tutorials facilitate training on a variety of tasks ranging from making an email template, setting up a lead nurturing drip, to using a playbook.

The intuitive help module was an outcome of the company’s extensive experience as a leading PRM, channel and sales enablement consultant and service provider. “Our experience has taught us that adoption plays a key role in ensuring investment in sales enablement pays off,” said Harbinder Khera, Mindmatrix CEO. “This is especially true in the case of channels. Your channel or sales enablement project is not going to yield results unless your channel partners and sales people really use your sales enablement program.”

Poor user experience is a major reason for low adoption, Khera added. “People simply will not dedicate long hours to learning new software when there are sales calls to be made and targets to be met. This fact prompted us to introduce Assist Me and the top navigation panel.”

“We want our clients to be able to get the most out of their investment in us. We are confident that Assist Me will help our clients achieve this by boosting adoption of the Mindmatrix platform in their organizations by 30%, thus helping their sales enablement programs really takeoff,” Khera said.