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ZINFI Applies Mobile-First Approach with Launch of its Next-Generation Channel Management SaaS Platform

ZINFI Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of Unified Channel Management (UCM) solutions, has launched its next-generation adaptive SaaS platform, version 9.0, to address core enterprise needs for security, scalability, stability, speed and simplicity via a fully mobile, flexible, configurable and connected platform.

The new platform enhances the ability of enterprises to more productively manage their partner base and introduces an expanded set of capabilities to support features including:

  • Mobility – ZINFI is introducing a “mobile first” approach to its UCM platform with the introduction of a lead management app for multiple smartphone operating systems. The entire platform is being converted into a native mobile application based on a single unified architecture supporting both mobile and desktop use cases.
  • Connectivity – The new platform will provide a centralized interconnect capability to connect to multiple sub-systems — learning management, lead management, CRM, point-of-sales and incentives management, for example — and build an intelligent profile of a client’s partner base to make channel management more effective and efficient.
  • Flexibility – The enhanced platform will feature a set of drag-and-drop business flow development capabilities allowing enterprise customers to build and manage their own workflow logic without needing technical support. This will significantly reduce implementation time and costs, empowering customers to make changes on the fly.
  • Intelligence – ZINFI is also introducing a cross-module business intelligence capability that will feature a correlational engine to provide deeper intelligence to enterprise customers. Customers will have access to enhanced user interfaces to manage reports. They will also have more flexibility in running analytics across multiple application modules to build a deeper understanding of their channel activities and performance.

In addition to these core capabilities, users of the new adaptive SaaS platform will benefit from a highly scalable, super-fast, secure and redundant infrastructure. All new accounts will be leveraging this infrastructure immediately, and all existing customers will be migrated over to this new platform over the next three to six months, the company said.

“At ZINFI, we have had the good fortune to work for very large, industry-leading enterprise clients with thousands of channel partners around the world. At the same time, we also serve smaller enterprises with a much more focused channel,” said Sugata Sanyal, ZINFI’s founder and CEO, in a press release. “While the channel management requirements and complexities vary considerably among our diverse customer base, they are all looking for a core set of capabilities.”