Case Study

ZINFI Channel Marketing Automation Helps Barco Partner AuDeo Win IT Client Interest; Business Too

Problem:  At AuDeo, a Barco, Inc. partner specializing in meeting room technology, getting the attention of IT decision makers was becoming increasingly difficult. Product-specific messaging was attracting less interest from potential customers. So AuDeo, a UK-based company, determined that it needed to develop email marketing campaigns highlighting customer stories that focused on solving IT problems with better meeting room technology. “IT challenges are our ‘sweet spot,” said AuDeo marketing manager, Sarah Roberts.

Solution:  AuDeo was continuously trying new and different approaches, utilizing partner resources and branding when and where it could. When Roberts took a closer look at the partner support offered by Barco, a visualization and collaboration solutions provider, she was intrigued.

Utilizing ZINFI channel marketing automation solutions, Barco’s Barco Connect! partner program offers turnkey, customer-story-focused email campaigns. In addition to powering the Barco Connect! partner portal, ZINFI also provided concierge services that trained Roberts to quickly set up and launch a pilot email marketing campaign with customizable assets.

Roberts discovered it was simple to upload prospect lists and set up campaigns and microsites on her own using the portal’s email templates. “We were able to launch the campaigns quite easily,” she said. “It takes you step-by-step through the elements you need to do, so it’s very quick to set up the email and launch it.”

All components of the campaigns were aligned with Barco branding guidelines. And ZINFI concierge support provided during the end-user follow-up process helped AuDeo generate and nurture the maximum number of leads through conversion to opportunity.

Results: Initial results were promising. AuDeo immediately generated a number of qualified leads from the campaign, one of which culminated in the sale of six Barco ClickShare wireless presentation systems valued at around $10,000. “We were hoping the partner portal would add an extra element to our email marketing, which it has done,” said Roberts. “We really like the microsite that works with the emails and the campaigns we’re able to send out.”

Roberts says she would “definitely” recommend the partner portal to other Barco partners. “Having experience dealing with lots of different vendors, I would say it is one of the best marketing opportunity platforms that we’ve been able to utilize from a partner. It’s been very easy to use and very easy to set up the campaigns. It’s exceeded any expectations that we had initially.”