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AlgoSec Builds New Channel Program to ‘Help Partners Uncover More Sales Opportunities’

AlgoSec, a provider of business-driven security policy management solutions, has launched a new global channel partner program. Developed specifically to enable partners to increase the value of both new and existing sales opportunities, give partners the resources they need to develop long-term customer relationships, and empower the partners to become trusted advisors to their customers, the program can be tailored to support multiple business models to meet the specific needs of each individual partner.

“In the last few years, we accumulated a lot of information of how our partners are doing their marketing,” said  Bruno Weinberger, AlgoSec VP of Strategic Alliances. “We now understand that maybe the better way to approach co-marketing with our partners is to be more attentive and finding the ways to attach ourselves, our messages, and our value to what our partners are doing.”

Weinberger noted that it’s important for vendors to ensure that their brands are known to potential customers. “There is one thing that partners count on the vendor to do, and that’s brand marketing,” he said. “They need the brand awareness to be there. If the brand awareness is not strong enough in their eyes, their tendency to invest in marketing around it is very limited. However, if their customer starts to ask them about a certain vendor, certain technologies, or even a space, then they are much more happy to invest on their side because they feel the return on the investment is going to come.”

Bruno Weinberger, VP of Strategic Alliances, AlgoSec

Over the past year, AlgoSec has invested heavily in its channel partner program, appointing a dedicated channel team to support its partners with both sales and marketing initiatives, and developing and executing joint market plans that drive greater awareness and sales pipeline development.

The new program provides a range of benefits to partners including qualified lead forwarding, registered opportunity protection, training, certification, and joint sales and marketing support and rewards achievement across key strategic activities and joint sales priorities.

A new partner portal is enabling partners and AlgoSec to better monitor marketing activities, lead generation and ultimately return on investment. ” We are doing a good job in being able to measure activities, and we’re also making it available for the partners so that in the future, they can also, maybe, rethink and shift their activities around us to make them more productive,” said Weinberger.

“Organizations’ networks are continuously evolving as they try to support a multitude of new applications, enable business transformation initiatives such as cloud and SDN, and fight off sophisticated cyber-attacks – and security and network staff are struggling to keep up, exposing the business to risk and impacting its agility,” said Weinberger. “Our new partner program gives partners all the resources and selling strategies they need to solve these issues for customers, and helps them to develop closer, long-term business relationships.”