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Zift Partners With TrainOurTroops To Offer Veterans Easy Access To Online Training Programs

Advanced online training and certification in business solutions offered by the non-profit organization TrainOurTroops will now be easier to access thanks to support being offered by Zift Solutions. The enterprise channel management solution providers is enabling the 5,000+ U.S. military veterans and dependents served by TrainOurTroops to access the organization’s training classes on Zift’s ZiftONE Platform at no cost.

“Zift Solutions is honored to support the hard work and mission of TrainOurTroops by streamlining the education and transition of veterans and their dependents to more fulfilling and higher-paying civilian careers,” said Gordon Rapkin, CEO of Zift Solutions.

Using the ZiftONE platform, veterans and their dependents will be able to access more than 500 courses and certifications designed by TrainOurTroops and its corporate sponsors, including Juniper Networks, eBay and Exxon, among others. All TrainOurTroops courses are free to veterans and their dependents simply by registering at

“ZiftONE will make it easier to provide valuable online training and certification for vets and their dependents on the most relevant business solutions in demand by today’s leading employers,” said Glen Brynteson, Founder of TrainOurTroops.

The proactive platform guides and inspires action by both veterans and potential employers. Veterans and their dependents can hand-pick any number of individual online courses or follow roadmaps TrainOurTroops has created to become certified for a particular career. At the same time, corporate supporters get actionable reports on their progress and expected completion dates in order to fill open positions with highly-qualified individuals.

Far too many veterans and their families find themselves in low-paying jobs that underutilize their potential. A recent online survey showed 68% of veterans registering with TrainOurTroops considered themselves “underemployed.” Others find themselves unemployed for extended periods with out-of-date skill sets. Moreover, spouses and dependents of active duty and civilian reserve spouses are twice as likely to be unemployed than the general public, according to Hire Our Heros, a program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The latest report from the USBLS notes unemployment rates among vets are now edging down, in part due to organizations like TrainOurTroops and commitments from their partners, such as Juniper Networks, who have pledged to add additional veterans and dependents to their workforce.