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Salesforce Enhances PRM Solution With New Analytics, Self-Service And Collaboration Capabilities

Salesforce PRM solutionSalesforce has introduced three new features to its partner relationship management (PRM) solution. The enhancements are designed to remove channel sales friction by delivering intelligent insights and visibility to partners to help drive their growth.

Einstein Analytics for Partners helps partners identify and prioritize leads by surfacing AI-driven insights. Powerful data mining capabilities within Einstein Discovery use past lead and opportunity performance to provide predictive recommendations, which then guide individual partners to focus on the right leads and close deals faster.

Einstein Discovery can analyze recent opportunities to help channel managers allocate marketing budgeting appropriately. For example, if data indicates that trade show attendance has a strong impact on winning deals, channel managers can strategically allocate budget for events, and instruct partner reps to extend trade show invitations to their biggest prospects.

Salesforce PRM now enables partners to explore their data and better analyze, manage, and expand their business. Typically, vendors send a static report to all partners, without the capability to explore or segment the data. Now partners can edit a report to tailor it to the needs of their business and guide decisions.

Quip for Salesforce enhances real-time collaboration between vendors and their partners, ensuring all parties have the latest information. With Quip productivity workspaces, partners can actively align with vendors on yearly business plans and KPIs, co-selling activities to drive deals forward, or proposals and quotes to close deals faster, while always connected with their CRM.

For example, brands can roll out a new standardized account plan process for partners with customizable templates that combine live Salesforce data, strategies, action items, and more. If partner reps have questions, they can collaborate with an account manager in real-time on the account plan avoiding long email threads, meetings or other siloed communications.