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Onfido, An ID Verification Solution Provider, Launches Partner Program

Onfido, an identity verification solution provider, has implemented an international partner program. The company will provide the tools, technical guidance and support required to integrate Onfido’s identity verification service into existing fraud prevention, UX and compliance tool kits, enabling enterprises to offer a more comprehensive digital identity management, KYC/AML and/or fraud solution.

“Empowering the channel is an important strategic move that will enable us to accelerate our expansion into the USA, South-East Asia and Europe while exploring new product innovation in areas such as account takeover and authentication,” said Ed Ackerman, Director of Alliances and Partnerships at Onfido.

The program consists of four partner channels: technology and commercial resellers, system integrators and a referral program. Each program provides partners the ability to offer Onfido services direct to their customers, either by embedding Onfido into their own cloud/SaaS offering or by co-selling as a combined solution stack. Partners benefit from commercial incentives and increased customer acquisition and retention through joint-marketing programs.

Onfido’s current roster of partners is supported and managed manually, Ackerman told CMR, with partner enablement being a top priority. “We’re making sure that we really do enable those partners that we bring on. It’s one thing to have a breadth of partners under your stable, but it’s another to actually make sure that each of them is given the support and help to grow.”

Acknowledging that manual efforts may suffice to support a deeper bench of partners, Ackerman said that in 2020, “We are looking at ways for partners to engage with us and register opportunities digitally through a partner portal.”