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ZINFI Launches Its Unified Channel Management Platform on Microsoft Azure

ZINFI Technologies,  a provider of unified channel management (UCM) solutions and through-channel marketing automation and partner relationship management (PRM) technology,  has launched a version of its UCM platform on Microsoft Azure.

The move to Microsoft Azure allows ZINFI to address multiple enterprise requirements related to platform DevOps, performance, security, availability, disaster recovery and compliance, and to meet high-volume transactional demand that may vary from one season to another as channel programs and performance fluctuate.

Additional capabilities that Microsoft Azure will enable on ZINFI’s platform include:

  • Improved DevOps, allowing ZINFI to collaborate with its customers for multiple instances — development, configuration, staging, pre-production and production — to create enterprise-grade dynamic change management and version release capability;
  • Higher performance as vendors can now allocate database capacity and computational capacity to handle peak access needs from their partner base tied to end-of-quarter events and other seasonal requirements;
  • Granular security, including advanced multi-layer protection from the web layer and application layer to the database layer to ensure access to encrypted data is managed both in motion and at rest;
  • High availability, enabled with multiple failover modes to protect not only application availability, but also data scalability across the globe tied to high-usage demand mode, and;
  • Advanced disaster recovery allowing backup of the entire application and database to different data centers. In the event of natural calamities or similar disasters, backup will instantly switch to alternate locations.