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Special Features

Versium Reach Enables Identity Matching To Build Data Enhanced Audiences

Versium REACH is an easy-to-use marketing tool powered by Versium’s advanced identity graph that allows B2B marketers to build niche custom audiences. Through the REACH platform, marketers can identify, understand, and reach their ideal customers.


Versium uses powerful identity matching to create custom, data enhanced marketing audiences to be used for paid social and display advertising campaigns, all through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. With Versium REACH, B2B marketers can create fully customized account-based audiences, look-alike audiences, persona-based audiences, all with the ability to have additional, non-professional contact points layered on to create online audiences that are formatted for specific advertising platforms and will boost match rates by up to 5X. In addition, users receive list insights on all audiences which show detailed demographic and firmographic details about the audience.


Versium REACH is for any B2B marketer or agency who runs paid social or display advertising campaigns.


Versium REACH helps B2B marketers combat the generalized targeting options that advertising platforms have available. B2B marketers often have extremely niche target audiences and being able to target by specific firmographics is integral. Versium REACH also helps marketers boost the match rates of custom audiences with advertising platforms, enabling a highly targeted audience and allowing the possibility of an omni-channel approach so marketers can use the same custom audience across all advertising platforms.

Versium REACH’s ability to enhance business data with non-professional contact points significantly increases a marketer’s ability to reach their ideal target audience, with improved match rates up to 5X. Additionally, Versium REACH enables marketers to use the same custom audience across all advertising platforms which unlocks a true omni-channel marketing approach.



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