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360insights Introduces Industry-Specific Incentive Automation Clouds

360insights, a channel incentives management (CIM) provider, has introduced comprehensive cloud solutions designed to automate incentives management across specific industry sectors including technology, media and telecom (TMT) pharmaceuticals, automotive and manufacturing.

The dedicated incentive automation clouds offer brands new tools for embedding smart, personalized and connected experiences anywhere. “Today’s channel go-to-market strategy is all about addressing unique ecosystem needs,” Jason Atkins, founder & CEO, 360insights, wrote in a blog post. Each unique cloud brings the entire industry ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers together to more accurately forecast, plan and drive predictable business performance.

From automating manual processes, to gaining real-time tracking against valuable KPIs such as partner engagement, demand creation, sales cycle length and pipeline, the solutions enable companies to more efficiently manage complex incentive plan design and execution. Built with scalability in mind, brands will also be able to run more streamlined, data-driven global incentive programs that are fully automated to improve customer satisfaction.

“These incentive automation clouds are built on one scalable and flexible platform comprising multiple incentive apps seamlessly bound to address customers’ needs in a way that individual components cannot deliver on their own,” said Claudio Ayub, SVP TMP Practice at 360insights. They open a range of possibilities in the company’s Channel Success Platform roadmap, “all designed to drive digital engagement and create cross applications synergies that motivate partners in entirely news ways,” he said.

Based on customer need, 360insights will launch additional industry-specific solutions comprised of purpose-built apps with appropriate data models and pre-built business processes.