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iQmetrix Rolls Out New Partner Network Categories and Program Tiers To Help Improve Collaboration, Engagement and Growth

In an effort to create more meaningful partnerships among its channel, iQmetrix, a provider of retail management software for the U.S. wireless industry, has implemented a new partner program.

Through the new program, iQmetrix has introduced new specific categories and tiers to its existing network. Categories include: Consumer Solutions; Retailer Solutions; Resource Partners; and Hardware Partners. The company also has created two tiers to its partner program: Select and Elite, which are determined based on a partner’s history with iQmetrix, overall engagement level and co-branded partnership efforts.

This strategic move will help iQmetrix develop collective relationships with end-users more effectively. The Select Partner level will be the initial tier for all new iQmetrix partners, and covers all marketing and sales activities needed, according to Farshid Zavosh, Manager of Partner Programs for iQmetrix. The Elite Partner level is obtained via invitation, based on a company’s consistent deliverability of customer service and overall performance.

“The newly developed program allows for collaboration with our respective departments — sales, marketing, support, service, and development — assuring our partners are present in our go-to-market strategy and activities,” Zavosh told Channel Marketer Report. “Our goal is to offer a partner program that is ‘multi-streamed’ to help partners grow their business around our RQ Retail Management and XQ Interactive Retail solutions.”

Creating a more strategic approach to its partner program will allow iQmetrix to determine optimal business ventures and boost market positioning more consistently. So far, the company has received positive feedback from partners and stakeholders due to improved sales and marketing resources, leading to faster development of campaigns, Zavosh added.

“We streamlined communication flows, allowing a better connection between marketing, sales, technical and support departments between iQmetrix and our partners,” Zavosh said. “We also have empowered our partners by creating processes that are more ‘self-service’ oriented, allowing them to access resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a secure partner portal. This has already resulted in quicker setup times for new clients, faster turnaround for marketing collateral and greater collaboration from both sides.”

iQmetrix has created new logos representative of each partner’s service offering, as well as their Select or Elite standing. The company also has revamped its corporate web site to increase exposure of its partner program and connect end-users to potential integrated solutions.

Product Marketing Managers also have been assigned to each partner, ensuring mutual success across the channel. Engagement is tracked by a points system within a 12-month period, bringing forth the quantitative benefits of each partner, Zavosh added. Within this timeframe, Select Partners must complete 11 marketing activities totaling 19 points, while Elite Partners are required to complete 17 marketing activities for a total of 31 points. Through a Net Promoter Score, iQmetrix has the ability to rate partners’ customer service.

“A points-based partnership program makes achievements transparent and improves performance tracking,” Zavosh said. “We offer partners an optimal mix of benefits, including customized sales contests and promotions, designed to support their business model and to help their business growth through integration with RQ Retail Management or XQ Interactive Retail.”



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