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Kaspersky Lab Releases New Deal Registration Program

Channel conflict
remains a top challenge for vendors today, with partner sales teams competing for new opportunities and loyal customers. To ensure more efficient deal control and decrease opportunities for partner-to-partner deal conflict, Kaspersky Lab, a provider and developer of secure content and threat management solutions, recently announced enhancements to its reseller deal registration program.

With the new deal registration program, Kaspersky has increased the earned rewards available to U.S. and Canadian resellers. In fact, these resellers will receive additional incentives to enhance deal level protection and control to a Kaspersky Lab partner that has a registered and approved opportunity.

“Initially, we asked our partners how we can improve the value of our partnership with them and we implemented enhancements to our program to meet their requests,” Chris Doggett, VP of Channel Sales, North America for Kaspersky Lab told Channel Marketer Report. “The primary objective is to provide our partners with greater rewards for their sales efforts and in increase their overall profitability.  And as part of these changes, they will also gain greater deal control and fewer opportunities for partner-to-partner deal conflict in competitive bidding scenarios.”

Applying to licensing deals of 50 nodes and higher, the deal reg program offers two reward tiers: one for partners strategically engaged with Kaspersky’s sales organization on an ongoing basis, and another for occasional sellers. The additional rewards and protection also extend to license renewals, offering partners additional rewards on each renewal transaction they successfully pursue.

With deal registration acting as a fundamental requirement of any efficient partner program that doesn’t offer exclusivity for specific geographies or customer groups, this program is the new standard for Kaspersky, according to Doggett, not a limited time promotion.

 “If one partner does all of the work to identify and cultivate sales opportunities, and in most cases, bring them to the final stage of the sales process, that partner deserves to be rewarded for those efforts,” Doggett explained. “By allowing partners to register opportunities that they create and offering them preferential pricing in return for their efforts, what would otherwise be an inevitable risk in the process is mitigated.  In our case, we believe that our new program offers unequaled levels of preferential pricing which will translate to best-in-class rewards for partners.”



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