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CipherCloud Launches Cloud Encryption Partner Program

, a provider of cloud encryption and tokenization technology, has created a partner programs focused on bringing together leaders in the cloud technology world, including AppExtremes, DBSync, ClaimVantage, and Ping Identity. As a result, organizations using CipherCloud will be able to eliminate the data privacy, residency, security, and compliance barriers to cloud adoption, and are now have seamless, certified interoperability with solutions from CipherCloud Connect Technology Partners.

“Privacy, residency, compliance, and security barriers are making it difficult for enterprises in healthcare and insurance to make the move to the cloud,” said Leo Corcoran, CEO of ClaimVantage. “Being a part of the Connect Technology Partner Program is helping Claim Vantage close more business by providing a secure and integrated solution that is more appealing to the insurers.”

Dev Ghoshal, SVP Field Operations of CipherCloud, added, “The CipherCloud Technology Partner Program brings together the most trusted cloud solution providers to make adopting and maintaining the cloud a success for our joint customers.”

Benefits of the CipherCloud Connect Technology Partner Program for CipherCloud customers include:

  • Can increase use of leading cloud applications now secured by CipherCloud;
  • Provide assurance of certified interoperability between CipherCloud and partner solutions; and
  • Deliver full support from CipherCloud and connected partners.

CipherCloud also is promoting a number of benefits for its partners due to the new program, such as:

  • Increasing sales by removing barriers to cloud adoption;
  • Access to cloud adopters/customers in financial services, health care and government;
  • The ability to promote new business offerings with coordinated joint marketing campaigns; and
  • Ongoing support through joint solution development and deployment.



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