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CloudHesive Joins Vormetric Cloud Partner Program

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 1.07.10 PMCloudHesive, a cloud services provider, has joined data security company Vormetric’s Cloud Partner program. The partnership enables CloudHesive to incorporate Vormetric’s Transparent Encryption and Cloud Encryption Gateway solutions into its suite of cloud-managed services.

The partnership positions users to gain the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure, without increasing risk to sensitive and regulated data, using Encryption-as-a-Service as a key component. Requirements from the agreement include:

  • CloudHesive personnel can perform management and operational tasks without gaining access to sensitive client data;
  • Meet compliance and regulatory security requirements for encryption and access control to sensitive data across multiple industry segments;
  • Supply data protection across multiple cloud provider environments, hybrid cloud implementations, on-premise data centers and SaaS storage applications; and
  • The ability to keep encryption keys and policy management separate from cloud infrastructure.

“CloudHesive is offering enterprises of all types and sizes a compelling solution — enabling them to safely deploy to cloud infrastructure environments without enhancing the risk of exposure of their data and making their transition to the use of cloud infrastructure resources easy and painless,” according to CJ Radford, VP Cloud for Vormetric.



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