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Badgeville For Unveiled During #DF12

CRM solutions offer organizations robust features to improve lead management and nurturing processes, resulting in improved sales results. However, this can only take place if sales teams make CRM updates and reporting a consistent part of their daily routines.

At Dreamforce 2012, Badgeville, a provider of gamifciation solutions and strategies, has unveiled its new offering — which is available directly through the platform — allowing organizations to reward sales teams for their participation and updates to databases.
According to projections from Gartner, organizations can account for up to 10% in lost revenue due to poor sales performance management. “The issue is rarely around the feature or functionality of the sales app itself,” Chris Lynch, Director of Product Marketing, Badgeville, told Channel Marketer Report. “The issue is incentivizing sales representatives to use it properly and frequently.”

Badgeville for was designed to integrate game mechanics directly into the Sales Cloud. As a result, sales teams are immediately acknowledged and rewarded for key behaviors within the CRM platform. With this gamified strategy, users will have a greater incentive to create more leads, and then nurture and convert them into opportunities, leading to greater revenue for the entire organization. This motivation is especially vital within channels, where manufacturers are seeking optimal strategies to ensure partners and resellers are engaged and focused on creating and pursuing sales.

Because gives companies the option to share pipeline and lead generation data with their partners and resellers, “as that data flows in, you still have the adoption challenge of getting reps to manage their pipeline properly and accelerate sales processes,” Lynch noted. “Badgeville for can help motivate that experience.”

Available in the AppExchange, Badgeville can be configured directly into the administration console once an organization plugs in the supplied API key. Once integrated into the platform, organizations can reward sales teams for their participation, and pinpoint performance when certain behaviors are completed.

As gamification becomes a more reputable strategy to increase engagement among internal and channel sales teams, Badgeville plans to move forward with an extensive expansion plan, Lynch reported. “B2B and channel organization have made massive investments not only on, but other sales and marketing automation software that Badgeville plans to layer its Game Mechanics on top of,” he said. “As people perform behaviors in these applications and earn rewards, we’ll also aim to let users take their reputation with them across multiple applications inside a company’s ecosystem.”

To educate users on the benefits of leveraging gamification strategies among sales teams, Badgeville is holding a webinar featuring sales expert Anneke Seley, titled: Supercharge Your Sales Team with Gamification on October 3.




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