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Dell Completes Acquisition Of Quest Software

Dell recently completed its acquisition of Quest Software, an IT management software provider. As a result of the closing, which was finalized on Sept. 28, 2012, Dell reported that it will be able to strengthen its end-to-end IT capabilities, and empower customers to improve their Dell technology investments and IT infrastructures. Quest Software stockholders approved of the acquisition on Sept. 25, 2012.

With a promise of helping customers make a more seamless transition to cloud operations, as well as supporting Bring Your Own Device business models, “the addition of Quest Software into Dell’s software portfolio will extend our industry-leading suite of solutions to a broader range of customers and partners, while simplifying operations, maximizing workforce productivity and delivering faster results,” said John Swainson, President of Dell Software, in a press statement.

Dell revealed that the Quest acquisition will help the company enhance its software capabilities in four key areas: systems management, security, business intelligence and applications.

The now finalized acquisition also will have an impact on Dell’s PartnerDirect program. While many Quest partners already are involved in the Dell program, the transition will help the company improve offerings and benefits provided, increasing partner satisfaction and overall engagement, Kathy Schneider, Executive Director of Global Channel Marketing and Programs for Dell, told Channel Marketer Report.

“Today, many Quest partners are already part of PartnerDirect, which has 130,000 members across 148 countries,” Schneider reported. “In fact, 70% of Quest and Dell certified partners overlap, which will ease the integration of the unified program. Over the coming months we will work to combine the best of both PartnerDirect and Quest Partner Circle to provide our partners with a single, dedicated program under the PartnerDirect banner.”

Overall, Quest will bring Dell more than 100,000 customers, 5,000 channel partners, 1,500 software sales and marketing experts, and 1,300 software developers to the Dell Software Group, and is the foundation of a $1 billion-plus annual revenue software business, according to a company announcement. Moreover, members of the Quest team will become Dell Software executives, indicating an overall seamless transition into one unified organization.

“Dell’s acquisition of Quest Software is tremendous news for our 5,000 partners around the world,” said Michael Sotnick, Quest’s VP of Worldwide Channels and alliances and now a member of the Dell Software executive team. “We are truly excited about blending the best elements of Quest Partner Circle, our unified global partner program, with the Dell PartnerDirect channel program to help partners drive sustainable, profitable revenue streams. Going forward, we will accelerate Dell’s commitment to building a strong software channel while also offering our collective partners the opportunity to leverage both hardware and software in delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ critical business requirements.”



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