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SAP Partner Closes $80,000 Deal With Co-Marketing Campaign

Communication and collaboration are key to optimal channel marketing and sales results. SAP partner Advanced Business Solutions (ABS) recognizes the true value of this consistent engagement throughout the marketing planning and execution process. After working with SAP and TSL Marketing, a channel-focused lead generation and marketing consultancy, the company was able to close a $80,000 deal in six weeks, and generate 15 qualified leads.

TSL, SAP and ABS worked together to generate a joint sales pipeline for SAP and ABS in Jordan. The campaign integrated data, web, email, telesales and conference calls to generate qualified ERP sales opportunities. To ensure the campaign generated momentum and targeted the best opportunities, SAP, ABS and TSL planned five conference calls and four face-to-face meetings. In doing so, the companies constantly were up to speed on the campaign’s progress and were able to determine if any changes needed to be made in a more time efficient manner.

“TSL has worked with SAP partners before ABS and they were several win cases,” Alaa Muqattash, Director of Business Development for ABS, told Channel Marketer Report. “We were introduced to TSL based on recommendations from SAP to help us generate verifiable joint sales pipeline for SAP solutions in Jordan.”

SAP provided online sales training courses and funding to ABS for the TSL marketing campaign to drive more sales for the SAP Business All-In-One Solution “Fast-Start Program.” The T.E.A.M co-marketing workshop brought all parties together to ensure a clear go-to-market plan and “discuss, review and launch the development process for discussing telemarketing, lists, email, lead management and discussing the handover of leads to ABS sales team,” Muqattash explained. “Communication and commitment from both TSL and ABS helped to make sure qualified resources were available to answer all potential question from the leads.”

As SAP’s co-marketing agency, TSL designed an integrated, co-funded marketing campaign designed to generate new leads not yet reached by ABS and SAP. Aimed at small- and medium-sized business, the ten-week campaign period included a dedicated web site, created by SAP and TSL, as well as extensive telemarketing completed by ABS and TSL team members that completed rigorous training on the ERP solution. ABS also created a Freephone and direct dial telephone number to ensure all leads could contact a representative easily.

A key reason for the success of the campaign was the three-way conference calls with leads, Muqattash reported. This strategy ensured no delay in engaging with leads, and also allowed ABS, SAP and TSL to ensure that maximum results were achieved for all opportunities.

TSL sent SAP and ABS lead report with initial qualifications, Muqattash reported, which included a detailed summary of the target company’s initiative and buying needs, as well as any pain points relevant to specific SAP solutions. Details regarding the prospect’s decision-making process, budget and implementation timeframe also were provided to help ABS optimize communication and overall marketing strategies. With the weekly meetings between ABS, SAP and TSL, the companies were able to share feedback and provide updates on potential sales opportunities, and whether contacts were ready to buy. 

“The communication allowed us to offer quick feedback about the leads and the effectiveness of the campaign,” Muqattash said. “That allowed us to take immediate action and communicate with leads.”




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