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D-Link To Expand Its Channel With SaaSMAX

, a provider of cloud and networking infrastructure, has joined the SaaSMAX network to offer its Fuzion and CloudCommand Managed Wireless Access Points solutions. The SaaSMAX platform was designed to connection solution providers with app vendors. As a result, D-Link will be able to increase awareness of its solutions to the site’s network of solution providers across target markets.

“D-Link chose to work with SaaSMAX to assist in our efforts to expand our SME and SMB channel partner programs for CloudCommand and Fuzion Solutions,” said Mark Prowten, VP of Sales for D-Link Systems, Inc. “The SaaSMAX platform provides an organized and streamlined process to allow Solution Providers to not only easily resell solutions, but also to help the Solutions Providers focus on retaining and growing recurring revenue streams. We will look to SaaSMAX to help us engage with new resellers and cloud based solution providers, and we are confident that the platform will provide a solid foundation that will help us recruit and establish long-term relationships with new cloud based Solution Providers.”

Fuzion was designed to allow seamless selling and sharing of Cloud or SaaS applications and services, such as VoIP, IT consolidation, hosted applications, video conferencing, off-site backup and failover for Business Continuity. CloudCommand was developed to be a secure end-to-end Wi-Fi network solution, providing customers remote management, as well as seamless deployment processes.

Through the SaaSMAX platform, solution providers are allowed to research, find and compare SaaS apps, as well as access to pricing, commissions, technical details, marketing information and online product videos and demos. Solution providers also can manage deal registrations, tracking of sales and commissions, and collect commissions within a single online platform.



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