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Dell Unveils Aggressive Goals For 2013 At Annual Conference

More than 5,000 Dell customers and partners gathered at the second annual Dell World, which was held at the Austin Convention Center, to get insight scoop on the company’s go-forward plans for 2013 and beyond.

Specifically, the Cloud and social media have come into focus for Dell’s forward-looking plans. The company also is setting its sights on developing more cohesive, all-in-one service offerings in order to keep pace with technological advancements and better serve heightened customer demands.

 “Innovations in the Cloud, Big Data, social media and security have changed the model for how technology is consumed and delivered,” said CEO Michael Dell during his keynote presentation. 

With what started in Austin almost 30 years ago, Dell has now grown to feature more than 40 million products, and aid more than 2 billion customers worldwide. The goal for the company, Dell added, is to “simplify and democratize solutions to put them in more hands than ever before.”  

One offering that may bring Dell’s presence in business and consumer markets to new heights is Windows 8. The company will release a variety of new technologies for both markets, including an 18-inch PC with a screen that pops out to become a tablet. Featuring Windows 8, the devices will help improve ease-of-use for every-day consumers, as well as business owners and employees.

“Even with commercial customers, interest in Windows 8 is high,” Dell explained. “There is an immediate need because CIOs are worried about the ramifications of a BYOD world. Employees get incredible experiences, while business owners still get the security, reliability and manageability.”

President Bill Clinton Spotlights Collaboration 
Bill Clinton’s keynote presentation effectively aligned with Dell’s message of forward-thinking and technological advancement to create more economic opportunities. Highlighting his work and experiences with his foundation — the Clinton Global Initiative — the former President of the United States confirmed that we must move forward and “develop a creative network of cooperation to initiate change.”

“In a world that is still dominated by conflict and holding on to a yesterday that can’t be recovered, we have to come into an era of creative collaboration,” Clinton said. “If we can get back in the tomorrow business, and do it together, we’re going to be just fine.”






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